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The erstwhile problem of manually searching for compatible drivers with your hardware online has met its solution in this one-stop software package by Artur Kuzyakov called DriverPack Solution. You don’t necessarily have to be online. With the Full Version rightly installed on your Personal Computer and consistently being used, you are assured of an automatic download and installation of all required drivers for your hardware devices associated with your Windows operated a system.

Driverpack Solution offline 17.7.58 Free For Windows

Why driverpack Solution offline?

It equally searches for updates for those drivers and gets them installed because it has a very comprehensive database. As it is now, it remains the World’s most extensive database for Drivers. There is hardly any hardware it doesn’t support. Name them: PNP, USB, MODEMS, PRINTERS, MONITORS, or even ACPI, the software got them all covered. It is equally preloaded with a myriad of software for your system. The exciting thing about it is that with all these mind-blowing packages, it is free! And again, very easy to use and install. If you can handle a mouse and follow simple instructions, then you are good to go.

PCs and Drivers, How? 

Perhaps you are wondering what a driver has got to do with a computer. “We use that term with automobiles and not smart gadgets like a Computer”, you may be wondering. Be not surprised. Your computer itself is a machine and no machine works without an operator handling it. Now, that’s in a literal sense. What of a Computer?

In the simplest of language, drivers are specialized software that allows for collaborative inter-communication between a device and its operating system. It is a link between Windows and the various gadgets that make up your system. Its major essence is to mediate between an application or OS and your hardware device. When you notice that your Windows apps crashes often, it’s most likely you have not installed the appropriate driver or the driver(s) has become faulty or outdated.

Driverpack Solution offline 17.7.58 Free For Windows

What DriverPack Solution Promises

  • Automatic installation of drivers for your system’s hardware
  • Compatibility with most versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System (XP, 7, 8.1, 8, 10, Vista).
  • Support for both 32 and 64-Bits Windows’ versions
  • Free Software Download
  • Active Collaboration with Software and Antivirus Manufacturers to ensure safety
  • Regular updates for all Drivers
  • Suitability for both beginners and Professionals
  • Speedy Installations of Windows drivers
  • Available in over 45 languages of the World
  • Comprehensive Database for virtually all drivers
  • Offline driver updates (for the Full Version)
  • Lightweight and as such can quickly be downloaded and installed
  • Possibility of Multiple Drivers Updates

Available Versions

This software comes in two versions which are

  • DriverPack Online (2MB)
  • DriverPack Full (10G)

Both versions work in much the same way. The difference lies in the ability of the Full Version to automatically scan and carry out updates even while your system is not connected to the internet. And again, the full version is heavier and would require a very strong internet connection to complete its download. It should be noted that each of these versions has editions with the latest one being DriverPack Solution 17

Available Drivers on DriverPack Solution

Below are the lists of some of the Drivers available on it

  • Drivers for Card Readers
  • Drivers for Modems
  • Webcam Drivers
  • Network Drivers
  • AMD and other Graphics Card Drivers
  • Drivers for Printers
  • Drivers for Card Biometric
  • USB Drivers
  • Bluetooth Drivers
  • Drivers for Display
  • Sound Drivers
  • Chipset Drivers
  • Drivers for Monitor
  • Drivers for Networks
  • Graphic Drivers
  • Intel Processor

Available Software on DriverPack Solution

  • Internet Browsers (Yandex, Google Chrome)
  • Image Viewers
  • PDF Readers
  • Antivirus
  • Java Runtime
  • System Libraries
  • Social Media Software (Skype)
  • Silverlight
  • 7-Zip and other Archival Software
  • .Net Framework
  • Media Codecs

System Requirements for Installation

Operating System: Windows XP or a later version

Available Hard Disk Memory: Not less than 10G for the Full Version

RAM: 1G or less

How to Install DriverPack Solution on Your PC

  • The software has to first be downloaded from the official website which is This is better done through the torrent as it is not only faster but safer.
  • The next step is to extract from the stuff you have downloaded the .iso file. This can be done using WinRAR or 7zip
  • Open and run the software. At this stage, the Pack will scan hardware of your system to ensure that the correct driver is installed
  • After process 3 above, you will be shown the number of drivers that are available for upgrades on your system
  • Select the “Update Driver” Option on the top of the interface and star installation right away. Ensure you do not interrupt by performing any task on your system while the updating is still in progress
  • You will receive a message informing you of a successful updating when the download is completed.


  • The Full Version works even without internet connection
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • It is capable of automation without being prompted
  • The Online Version provides abundant updates
  • It downloads quickly especially the online version
  • It supports many Windows Operating Systems


  • The Full Version is way too heavy. With a file size of over 9G, it’s going to take time for it to be downloaded.
  • The Online Version is a lightweight and can scan for recent updates online can sometimes be very slow

Final Remarks

DriverPack Solution is a must for every PC operating on Windows OS. With every installation or re-installation on Windows, there is the need to search for a compatible Driver. This can be tedious and frustrating. In a situation where the wrong driver is installed, it may cause some considerable damages to your PC. Apart from the software scanning for Drivers, it also defends your system by preventing suspicious agents like viruses and malware from invading when the native antivirus fails to perform its duties.

While the Full Version boasts of an automatic offline update capacity, it may not have an up-to-date driver as you will get on the Online Version. Again, judging by its size, you may wish to go for the Online Version.

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